Saturday, December 11, 2010

Feng Shui for Your Front Door

Photo by Lisa Graham Seadance Photography
Does your door say
'Welcome' .... or
'Nobody's Home?'

According to BTB Feng Shui, your front door represents the mouth of ch’i - where energy enters your home.

Your windows are the eyes of ch’i.

If you are not using your formal front entrance every day, invite positive energy in by opening this door at least once a day. If your formal front door is always closed you may find that you are not open to new opportunities and your energy is stuck!

Open the Eyes and Mouth of Ch'i:
  • Put out a welcome mat. (Preferably one with some red in it.)
  • Paint the door any shade of red or add red accents to attract energy
  • Ensure all doors, windows and screens in your home are in good repair
  • If a window is supposed to be able to be opened, make sure it can be
  • Ensure that all doors swing open freely and without shoes, coat ranks and other stuff stored behind them
  • Wash your windows, screens and doors ~ Inside and out
  • Sweep doorsteps and wipe off cobwebs
  • Make sure the doorbell, doorknobs and hinges all work
  • Ensure your mailbox is freshly painted and in good repair
  • Clean and/or repair any interior window coverings
  • Open curtains and blinds daily to let the sun shine in
  • Trim any vegetation blocking windows, doors and pathways
  • Deadhead seasonal flowers and weed flowerbeds and planters
  • Change seasonal decorations with the seasons
  • Add a wreath with red berries to your front door or two planters with red flowers
Remember, if you can’t see out, energy can’t come in!

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