Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Seven Steps to Set Powererful Intentions

Here’s a feng shui method to supercharge your intentions:

STEP ONE: Use a new red pen, not a computer, typewriter, smart phone or tablet to write down your goals.  The colour red is recommended because it is considered to be a powerful energy enhancer. As you write, visualize the positive outcome that you desire. Do not cloud your thoughts with the ‘what if’ challenges of change. Think ‘what next?’ Think – and write – positive!

Once done, place the sheet of paper in a red envelope or a silver box. Can’t find a silver box? Make an envelope out of tin foil.

STEP TWO: Now you need to learn about the BTB Feng Shui Bagua map. To apply the bagua (pronounced bah-gwa) over your entire home, a single room or even an office cubicle simply divide the floor plan into nine equal-sized squares. These nine areas are called 'guas' and they represent different aspects of your life, as defined by their names, listed below.
STEP THREE: Picture yourself standing at your front door (or the main entrance to a room) and look to the TOP LEFT HAND SQUARE and, working across, write in the following names in each square EXACTLY as listed below:

Prosperity & Wealth                 Fame & Reputation            Love & Relationships

Family                                     Health                              Children & Creativity

Skills & Knowledge                   Career & Life Path             Helpful People & Travel
(This line is the 'wall' that holds the front door/main entrance & align the words as above.)

Note: The bagua map is always positioned so that the Career gua is on the wall that holds the main entrance to space. (Note that the actual entrance can be in any of the bottom three sections.)

STEP FOUR: If you used a red envelope, put it underneath or beside a plant (to multiply its strength) and place it in the Fame, Career, Knowledge or Helpful People area of the bagua map. (Choose whatever area you want to work on the most.)

If you used a silver box, place it in the Helpful People sector. The colour for this sector is grey/silver and the Natural Element is metal. That’s why a silver box is used.

STEP FIVE: Leave the envelope (or box) untouched for nine weeks.

STEP SIX: Forget about the envelope or box and focus your attention on your intention. Visualize the result happening step by step, including the beginning, middle and end. Invoke the five senses to make it real. Don't focus on all the difficult challenges to achieve your goal, then that’s what you manifest – more challenges.

STEP SEVEN: After nine weeks, retrieve your intention list from its box or envelope and review it. You may not always receive exactly what you asked for … but you can expect things to have changed. If nothing has happened you have to ask: ‘Did I really do the work?’
Terri Perrin is a certified feng shui practitioner, author and motivational speaker based on Vancouver Island, British Columbia. Contact her at: terri.perrin@faoifengshui.com

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  1. Thanks for posting this - it is an excellent reminder and since I have the day off tomorrow, well, I'm going to be getting a red envelope! :-)