Sunday, August 7, 2011

Use Feng Shui Strategies to Sell Your Home Now!

Are potential buyers not giving your home a second glance?

Change that 'For Sale" sign to read "SOLD!" by examining the energy  -- or chi -- of your home and making some simple feng shui adjustments.

Here are some quick tips:
  • Attract positive energy to the front door by adding the colour red
  • Trim back all vegetation and keep the lawn tidy
  • Hang a wind chime by the front door to liven the chi
  • Clear clutter outside, as well as inside
  • "Stage" the front door, just as you do inside
  • Leave the front porch light on 24/7 to attract energy night and day
  • Make sure the house number is easy to read (and locate)
  • Hire a Feng Shui Consultant to help you identify (and cure) negative external chi factors .
The most important thing to do, however, is to set your intention to sell! To learn more, contact Terri Perrin at 250.218.4952 or email.

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Your Professional Feng Shui Consultation

Understanding external ch'i is very important!
Just as a medical professional would perform a physical exam before proceeding with prescribing a cure for what ails you, a feng shui consultant should conduct a thorough pre-appointment analysis before they arrive to conduct a feng shui consultation on your home. There are several important steps I walk my clients through before I first step through their front door!

My first question is: “What do you know about feng shui and why do you want a consultation?” I spend time helping my clients identify what areas of their lives they want to work on and, most importantly, I endeavor to get both partners in a relationship on board for the consultation. If there are children in the family who are old enough to be engaged in the process, I welcome them to participate as well. Why?  Because feng shui cures are more effective when done with honesty, openness and intention. Quite simply, feng shui is a family affair!