Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Historical Roots of Feng Shui

Few cities around the world can match the stunning skyline of Hong Kong. Architecture there is a big deal, and so is the 3,000 year old Chinese practice of Feng Shui.  Few skyscrapers are constructed without the advice of a Feng Shui master, and Raymond Lo is one of a handful of “grand” masters...

Learn more about architecture in Hong Kong by watching this great video from the Religion & Ethics News Weekly:

Friday, March 2, 2012

Doors: The Feng Shui 'Mouth of Chi'

According to the basic principles of feng shui, your front door is the 'Mouth of Chi'... where energy (or Chi) enters your home.

Have YOU looked ... I mean really LOOKED... at your front door lately? 

Is your front door in good repair and is it  warm and welcoming? 

Do you still have Christmas decorations up, even though it is almost spring?

As a professional member of the International Feng Shui Guild, I am privileged to be able to provide articles for the Guild's monthly e-newsletter. The most recent issue of this newsletter focuses on doors and features articles on:
  • Feng shui for your front door, written by Carol Olmstead.
  • Feng shui and door knobs, by Donna Stellhorn, and
  • How you can open doors of opportunity for your business with feng shui, written by me, Terri Perrin!
To learn more about the importance of your front door, according to the principles of feng shui, read the full newsletter and let opportunities start knocking in your life!