Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Orange Peel Bath Cure

Refreshing Personal Chi with the
Orange Peel Bath Cure

This cure is highly effective way to restore personal energy, shed bad luck, protect you against spiritual or emotional attack, and recover from strange or difficult illnesses.

It is a simple personal chi adjustment cure that offers profound energetic help in times of real need and calls upon the revitalizing and energetic properties of the orange.

How so, you ask? This cure uses the mystical powers of fragrance to effect powerful change. Citrus is renowned for its power to freshen and purify, and it can powerfully assist human chi.

Thursday, September 11, 2014

What is wrong with this picture?

From a Feng Shui perspective, Holly's desk is not 'in command' and she is not open to new opportunities because her office door doesn't swing open fully. Sadly, Holly neglected to subscribe to receive Feng Shui E-News from Fine Art of Intention Feng Shui... and she missed out on the opportunity to attend workshops on Vancouver Island, British Columbia, and receive helpful tips and information to help grow her business and improve her life.

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Monday, September 8, 2014

Feng Shui for Every Body

Contrary to popular belief, Feng Shui (pronounced ‘fung schway’) … the 4,000-year-old art of placement … isn’t about decorating! It is about creating a calm and energetically nourishing living space. When the feng shui of a home is balanced, people who live in the home have a better chance of achieving personal balance. Here is one perspective on how your home can affect your health:

Each part of our home corresponds to different parts of our bodies. If you are suffering from aches and pains, alleviate some of the trouble by making adjustments to the appropriate area of your home. This may seem like a fanciful notion, but you could experience immediate relief as a result.

In the practice of Feng Shui, your home – and each individual room – can be divided into nine energy centers. These centres are called ‘guas.’ The nine centre combined form a ‘bagua’ (pronounced bah-gwa). The Health gua is located in the centre of the bagua, because our health – good or bad – affects all areas of our lives.

In addition to specific parts of our bodies, each area of the bagua is associated with certain colours, natural elements (fire, water, earth, metal, wood), and other features.

The Bagua Body Map
and How to Apply it to Your Home’s Floor Plan


Hips, Back, Joints
And Bones


Eyes & Heart
(Ability to see things in the proper perspective.)


Abdomen & Organs


(Step forward through life.)


Entire body
(Overall health. To strengthen all body parts and all areas of home.)


Mouth, Teeth &
Respiratory System
(Speaking up for yourself)


(Ability to handle life situations)


Ears, Blood,
Kidneys & Bladder
(Ability to hear others and listen for opportunities)


(Having a clear head
to face challenges)

--------------------- Door ------------------------- Door------------------------- Door -------------------

1)    Draw a floor plan (to scale) of the main level of your home or a single room.
2)    Using a highlighter, divide the home/room into 9 equal-sized sections.
3)    Locate the exterior wall where the main entrance to the home/room is located. Note that this is the entrance that was designed by the architect to be the formal entrance. It may not necessarily be the door you use most often.
4)    Apply the Bagua Map (above) to your home following the guide above. Write the names of the corresponding Life Sectors on your floor plan.

EARS: Health issues relating to the ears, blood, kidneys and bladder are linked to the Career gua. Revamp this space if you are suffering from hearing loss or have difficulty being heard. If people accuse you of being in denial, check this area for any grime, squeaky hinges or stuck doors and windows.

HANDS: If you are experiencing difficulty with your hands and fingers, arthritis or insomnia, check the Skills and Knowledge area. Excessive clutter could be aggravating problems. Check this area if you are having difficulty handling aspects of a relationship or keeping in touch with friends.

FEET: Check out the Family gua. This area is linked to your ability to stand on your own two feet. Dying plants, clutter, excessive heat or an overload of electronics can trigger anything from athlete’s foot to plantar warts. Trouble in the Family gua can make it difficult for you to move forward in life.

SKELETAL SYSTEM: Conditions that affect your hips, thighs, lower back, pelvis and bones are linked to the Prosperity zone. Check this space if you have hip or back pain. The Prosperity area is also linked to your ability to stand up to bullies. Too much heat, light or electrical equipment here can compound all of these health issues.

EYES & HEART: Problems with the eyes, heart and small intestine are linked to the Fame area. Examine this area if you suffer from poor eyesight, glaucoma, conjunctivitis or heart problems. Cloudy mirrors, leaky faucets and grime are common manifestations of eye trouble. If you have difficulty being recognized for your contributions, you might also want to examine the Family area for trouble.

ABDOMEN: Health issues relating to the stomach, intestine, spleen and genitals are linked to the Relationship gua. Keep this space free of rickety furniture, faulty electrical equipment and drafts. Such problems can be manifested as ulcers or colitis. You should also attend to the relationship gua if you are emotionally incapable of experiencing intimacy.

MOUTH, TEETH & RESPIRATORY SYSTEM: If you have mouth/lip sores, dental problems or asthma, check the Children & Creativity gua. Excessive heat and light can irritate such problems – so can leaky ceilings, faucets, toilets and clutter. On an emotional level, creative blocks and shyness are related to this area.

HEADS & LUNGS: Headaches, brain injuries, mental problems, lice and dandruff are all linked to the Helpful People gua. Check this area for junk, leaks and excessive heat or cold. If you have a drain in this area, keep it covered when you are not using it. On an emotional level, problems with authority figures can also be addressed by making feng shui adjustments here.

OVERALL HEALTH: If you are suffering from a serious health matter that affects every part of your body – such as major organs, cancer, HIV, cystic fibrosis or multiple sclerosis, you need to examine the very centre of your home – the Health gua. Keep this area open, spacious and airy. Walls, staircases, columns and other obstructions can cause problems here. Paint these obstructions natural earth tones – like honey, chocolate or pumpkin. Cover stairs with a soft carpet and place a square rug at the top and bottom of the staircase. Hang a round, faceted crystal at the top of the stairs. If you have a column in this space, hang mirrors at eye level on all four sides of it. (To give the illusion of it disappearing.) If the column is round, encircle it with a reflective material to give the same illusion.

About Terri Perrin and Fine Art of Intention Feng Shui:

Terri Perrin began studying feng shui in 2006. She received her Feng Shui Practitioner certificate from Mount Royal University, Calgary, AB, in 2008. She launched Fine Art of Intention Feng Shui shortly after moving to the Comox Valley, British Columbia in 2009.

Committed to continual learning, in 2009 Perrin became a student and disciple of the late His Holiness Professor Thomas Lin Yun, founder of the California-based Black Sect Tantric Buddhist (BTB) Feng Shui School. She has also received advanced training from several of North America’s most well respected feng shui masters. In 2011, Terri was one of only seven other feng shui consultants in the world who was invited to participate in a 12-week mentorship program with renowned feng shui expert David Daniel Kennedy, author of several books including the best seller — Feng Shui for Dummies.

Perrin has delivered feng shui workshops and corporate ‘Lunch and Learns,’ and performed consultations across Vancouver Island. An accomplished writer, she released her first feng shui book The Complete Guide to Feng Shui Crystals in January 2011. A revised and updated version of the book was published in May 2012. Her efforts to promote her business earned her the Comox Valley Home-Based Business Association’s 2010 New Business of the Year Award and 2011 Business of the Year Award.

Heart Smart Feng Shui

Pink isn’t just for little girls … it is the primary colour for the Love & Relationship sector of the BTB Feng Shui Bagua. These two pink roses, framed by a lovely pink crystal, would be a powerful and ‘heart smart’ Feng Shui enhancement. Photo by Lisa Graham, Seadance Photography, www.seadance.ca
Whether you are looking for a new romantic partner or just want to ignite more sparks with a current flame, you can use Feng Shui to improve relationships. First, you need to locate the Love & Relationship area of your home according to the Black Sect Tantric Buddhist (BTB) Feng Shui Bagua Map.


Front Door

Stand at your front door and imagine your home divided into nine equal-sized squares. The nine areas (or ‘guas’) combine to form the Bagua. The square located at the far right-hand corner from your front door is the Love & Relationship gua.

This gua is not just about your relationship with a romantic partner, it is about all the relationships in your life … friends and family, as well as business affiliations. Consider enhancements to this gua to achieve good relationships and inner harmony. Use red, white or pink as accents and place items in pairs. You should also clear the clutter in this gua and repair (or remove) anything that is broken.

Multi-faceted leaded crystal spheres are considered to be one of the most powerful ch’i enhancers and they can be used to energize Love & Relationships. Two crystals hung together are a super effective enhancement for love.

Because of their prismatic shape, cut and quality, crystal spheres are powerful tools for expanding possibilities, removing blocks and brightening any situation. Crystals absorb and then refract visible light into the seven-colour rainbow spectrum, a spiritual cure in itself that represents life transformation. When used as cures, crystals disperse destructive, rushing or stagnant ch’i. When used as enhancements, they expand and uplift beneficial ch’i. While the simple act of positioning a Feng Shui crystal in a room is always beneficial, its effect can be improved when it is done with knowledge and intention.

Although they are one of the most frequently recommended Feng Shui cures and enhancements, there is much to learn about multi-faceted leaded crystal spheres. To help my clients get the most benefit from their crystals … to improve Love & Relationships and so much more …  I have written a book called the Complete Guide to Feng Shui Crystals. This book provides guidance as to how, where, when and why you should use crystals as Feng Shui cures and enhancements, as well as a basic introduction to feng shui.

Terri Perrin is a certified BTB Feng Shui Practitioner and owner of Fine Art of Intention Feng Shui. She is based in Comox but travels Vancouver Island and beyond to conduct workshops and consultations. For more information on her services or the Complete Guide toFeng Shui Crystals book, call 250.218.4952 or visit www.FineArtofIntention.com.

Monday, March 17, 2014

A Spring Front Door 'Ener-chi' Boost

Cleaning up, adding colour and life = positive change!

How I gave my home a fast feng shui fix

Considering that your front door represents the 'Mouth of Chi' ... where energy andopportunities come into your home and life... a few days ago I finally took action because my very own front door was sadly in need of an energy boost! It was the typical case of the cobbler's kids wearing tattered and worn shoes or the carpenter with a home in need of repair. But it this case, it was the feng shui consultant that needed a proverbial kick in the derriere!

In the 'Before' photo (below) I still had some dead plants left from fall -- I had high hopes that they would survive the winter -- but they did not. There were leaves and cobwebs needing to be swept up and I had thrown away a worn door mat and not bothered to replace it. Nothing about my front door said 'Welcome!' Read on to learn how I boosted my front door chi AND realized immediate results!

Setting Powerful & Positive Intentions

The Three Secrets Reinforcement

You can bring an element of spirituality into play when performing feng shui cures by concluding with a blessing. You may create your own blessing – based on your personal religious beliefs – or you may use the traditional BTB Feng Shui ‘Three Secrets Reinforcement’ method. Which uses body, mind and speech to enhance your intention:

MUDRA: A hand gesture, to express the power of the body

MANTRA: Speech – Sacred words or prayer to express your voice

MIND: Visualize the intended result to express your mind

MUDRA: Women should use their right hand (Yin) and men should use their left hand (Yang) to perform the mudra. Start by bending your two middle fingers (see below) and placing them on your thumb while holding the other two fingers out. Flick your fingers open and closed nine, 18 or 27 times while saying the mantra or a prayer.

MANTRA: The most common Three Secrets Reinforcement mantra is Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum (pronounced ohm-mah-nee-pahd-me-whom). This mantra is referred to as The Six True Words or The Mantra of Compassion. Repeat the mantra as you perform the mudra nine, 18 or 27 times.

Loosely translated, the mantra means: “I bow to the jewel. I see the God within you and bow to acknowledge that light.” These words are believed to attract the power of completion and compassion and correct negative thoughts. If you feel uncomfortable using this mantra, any other personal prayer or blessing may also be used, but be sure to repeat it nine, 18 or 27 times.

MIND: Visualize the result happening step by step, including the beginning, middle and end. Invoke the five senses to make it real. Remember, if you focus on all the difficult challenges to achieve this goal, then that is what you will manifest – difficult challenges.

Repeat the mudra, mantra and mind reinforcements (visualizations) simultaneously, for any multiple of nine times.