Monday, March 17, 2014

A Spring Front Door 'Ener-chi' Boost

Cleaning up, adding colour and life = positive change!

How I gave my home a fast feng shui fix

Considering that your front door represents the 'Mouth of Chi' ... where energy andopportunities come into your home and life... a few days ago I finally took action because my very own front door was sadly in need of an energy boost! It was the typical case of the cobbler's kids wearing tattered and worn shoes or the carpenter with a home in need of repair. But it this case, it was the feng shui consultant that needed a proverbial kick in the derriere!

In the 'Before' photo (below) I still had some dead plants left from fall -- I had high hopes that they would survive the winter -- but they did not. There were leaves and cobwebs needing to be swept up and I had thrown away a worn door mat and not bothered to replace it. Nothing about my front door said 'Welcome!' Read on to learn how I boosted my front door chi AND realized immediate results!

One Friday afternoon I went to the garden centre and selected some red and yellow flowering plants that would provide an instant energy boost. I picked red because it is such a powerful chi activator and I chose yellow simply because it matches my flowerpots and I LOVE yellow flowers.

Many people think that to practice 'good feng shui' one must have a bright red door. This is simply not the case! The main objective is to attract people's eyes (and resulting energy) to your front door. This can effectively be achieved with many colours, as long as the door is a different colour than the siding. You simply want it to 'pop!' So think outside the crayon box and pick a colour that you love.

Growing up!
When choosing plants, I also selected some ferns for the two large pots. While they are small right now, they will grown tall and lush, helping to lift the chi at my front door. (It is a covered porch.) Ferns are also less spiky than plants such as the dracaena, which are often used in planters, but with their pointed leaves, they have what is called 'porcupine chi.' Ferns are also desirable because they help remove pollutants from the air and their lushness is is reflective of 'fulllness' in your life.

3 little bells to 'ring in' opportunities!
Adding Whimsical & Welcoming Chi
Next, the gazing ball further uplifts and expands the chi. The little birds on a log ornament adds a touch of whimsical fun. A new red door mat really does say 'Welcome'... and I have added a 'sound cure' with the two tall metal rods with bells placed in each of the plant pots. The bells are placed with intention to 'ring in new opportunities.' Their vertical format further uplifts the energy in the space.

This arrangement also effectively balances the Five Elements of Feng Shui:

FIRE: In the colour red (plants and door mat) and the 'triangle' shape created by adding the metal rods. Also the birds (animals represent fire).
WATER: In the mirrored gazing ball and glass side panels.
EARTH: In the colours brown and yellow and the clay pots.
METAL: In the colour black and the metal rods.
WOOD: The colour green and the plants.

Housekeeping & Positive Intentions
Sweeping away dried leaves and cobwebs, washing the door and siding and then planting up the pots only took me about an hour... and the results have been amazing. But consider that, the entire time I am doing this -- the planning, the buying and the work -- I am thinking about what I want to achieve. Once I am done, I perform the Three Secrets Reinforcement to set powerful and positive intentions. To do this work mindlessly is not practicing feng shui, it is just decorating!

Opportunity Comes Knocking
Having just purchased the pants ... with the intention of generating some new energy (and work assignments) into my life ... as I was walking out of the store pushing my cart filled with flowers, I met a colleague who asked me to contact him about a writing assignment. Then, two days after I did these changes, a monthly writing contract I have tripled in value AND a local business called to tell me that I had won a door prize at their event, valued at $200. :)

While I can not guarantee that all feng shui adjustments will result in such immediate benefits, I can tell you that if you choose to do nothing.... then nothing will change. So come on, welcome Spring by giving your front door an ener-chi face lift. And, when opportunities come knocking, don't be afraid to open the door!

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