Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Orange Peel Bath Cure

Refreshing Personal Chi with the
Orange Peel Bath Cure

This cure is highly effective way to restore personal energy, shed bad luck, protect you against spiritual or emotional attack, and recover from strange or difficult illnesses.

It is a simple personal chi adjustment cure that offers profound energetic help in times of real need and calls upon the revitalizing and energetic properties of the orange.

How so, you ask? This cure uses the mystical powers of fragrance to effect powerful change. Citrus is renowned for its power to freshen and purify, and it can powerfully assist human chi.

 To perform the Orange Peel Bath Cure, follow these easy steps:

1.     Use a sharp knife to cut nine small round pieces from the peel of a single orange. Discard the rest of the peel and feel free to eat the orange. :)

2.     Put the citrus circles into a bathtub full of warm water.

3.     Enjoy a leisurely bath with the orange peels in the water. Visualize negative thoughts, feelings and experiences being drawn from your body and absorbed into the orange peels.

4.     After your bath, perform the Three Secrets Reinforcement and visualize yourself healthy, fresh and free from harm, disease and ill will.

5.     Thank the orange peels for doing their work. The peels may then be discarded in the trash or composter or dried out and placed in a small satchel to make a ‘citrus pillow’.

6.     This cure may be performed once or, if you feel particularly stressed, for three or nine consecutive days/nights.

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